CVE-2017-6394 (openemr)

Multiple Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issues were discovered in OpenEMR 5.0.0 and 5.0.1-dev. The vulnerabilities exist due to insufficient filtration of user-supplied data passed to the “openemr-master/gacl/admin/object_search.php” URL (section_value;...

CVE-2017-6397 (flightairmap)

An issue was discovered in FlightAirMap v1.0-beta.10. The vulnerability exists due to insufficient filtration of user-supplied data in multiple parameters passed to several *-sub-menu.php pages. An attacker could execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a browser in...

CVE-2016-8508 (yandex_browser)

Yandex Browser for desktop before does not show Protect (similar to Safebrowsing in Chromium) warnings in web-sites with special content-type, which could be used by remote attacker for prevention Protect warning on own malicious web-site.

CVE-2016-8507 (yandex_browser)

Yandex Browser for iOS before does not properly restrict processing of facetime:// URLs, which allows remote attackers to initiate facetime-call without user’s approval and obtain video and audio data from a device via a crafted web site.

CVE-2017-6967 (xrdp)

xrdp 0.9.1 calls the PAM function auth_start_session() in an incorrect location, leading to PAM session modules not being properly initialized, with a potential consequence of incorrect configurations or elevation of privileges, aka a bypass.

CVE-2017-7178 (debian_linux, deluge)

CSRF was discovered in the web UI in Deluge before 1.3.14. The exploitation methodology involves (1) hosting a crafted plugin that executes an arbitrary program from its file and (2) causing the victim to download, install, and enable this plugin.