Disaster Recovery

Fortify Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BC) consulting and DRaaS services provide a framework to improve the availability of critical applications and safeguard the interests of your organization.

With more than 25 years of data center experience, Fortify combines deep technical expertise with best practices in business continuity and disaster recovery, virtualization and consolidation, data protection, and advanced network infrastructures to help you mitigate risks.

Our business and IT professionals provide a full suite of services, including IT consulting, analysis, design, implementation, management, and ongoing technical support.

We will help you:

  • Mitigate risk at multiple levels (business, individual, and staff) by ensuring continual access for priority business functions (production, transaction processing, etc.)
  • Minimize downtime and losses
  • Improve your ability to rapidly restore critical IT systems and data in the event of a disaster
  • Minimize associated costs following an incident
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Align business processes and information systems
  • Identify and validate mission-critical, time-sensitive business functions aligned with IT support capabilities
  • Architect and deploy viable IT recovery solutions
  • Take advantage of virtualization and cloud to develop an agile and cost-effective disaster recovery strategy
  • Establish documented, practical “playbooks” to support the response and management of business disruptions
  • Define and roll out a road map to exercise and enhance business continuity capabilities

Fortify takes a holistic approach to improving availability, recoverability, and security throughout the enterprise. Our methodology is founded on industry best practices, internationally accepted standards, and years of practical experience. We ensure your plan provides the capabilities to recover from a global disaster, and we’ll help your business improve availability by significantly decreasing those seemingly minor outages that can have a far-reaching impact.

Our approach to IT DR/BC encompasses:

  • Capability assessment and strategic planning, including qualitative and quantitative information gathering (processes, applications, infrastructure, and resources)
  • Business impact analysis and requirements definition
  • Risk assessment and gap mitigation planning
  • Strategy and solution design, work with your internal experts to perform a cost benefit analysis to determine a solution’s pro’s, con’s and TCO
  • Plan development
  • Periodic capability validation
  • Business-focused data continuity briefing with business and IT stakeholders
  • Governance and program management guidance
  • Disaster recovery that goes beyond IT infrastructure

Until recently, DR/BC plans focused on restoring the entire infrastructure, which is not necessarily a sustainable, long-term approach. Fortify focuses on the three critical elements:


  • Processes – What are the key business processes?
  • Applications – Which applications support these processes?
  • Infrastructure – What infrastructure (networks, data, applications) is needed to ensure continuity?

We work closely with you to identify all linkages and dependencies, and then develop a corresponding recovery sequence plan. This holistic approach ensures continuous operations, competitive advantage, and risk mitigation.

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