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VU#581311: TP-Link EAP Controller lacks RMI authentication and is vulnerable to deserialization attacks

CWE-306:Missing Authentication for Critical Function – CVE-2018-5393 EAP Controller for Linux utilizes a Java remote method invocation(RMI)service for remote control. The RMI interface does not require any authentication before use. Remote attackers can implement deserialization attacks through the RMI protocol. Successful attacks may allow a remote attacker to remotely control the target server and execute Java functions or bytecode. CWE-502:Deserialization of Untrusted Data – CVE-2015-6420 EAP Controller for Linux bundles a vulnerable version of Apache commons-collections v3.2.1 with the software,which appears to be the root cause of the vulnerability. Therefore,EAP Controller v2.5.3 and earlier are vulnerable to CVE-2015-6420 as documented in VU#576313. EAP Controller v2.5.3 and earlier for Linux are affected by both vulnerabilities.

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