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Expand Your Coverage with 24×7 Endpoint Protection and Response

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Our comprehensive IT managed services plans make it easy for you to budget, manage, and understand your IT support

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Delivering Visibility Across Networks, Clouds, Applications and Endpoints

Our Mission

Protect your company and customers by ensuring that every threat is identified, acted upon, documented and escalated as needed.

Every day there is a news of a new zero-day attack, data breach or ransomware infection impacting a businesses of all sizes, healthcare institutions, various parts of the supply chain or some government agency.

As your business continues to adopt new technologies to maintain your market leadership, hackers are finding new ways to interrupt your business operations and strike where it hurts you the most, your reputation.

Business leaders need to understand that cyberattacks aren’t a possibility, they are an inevitability. Cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated. Ransomware has evolved from encrypting files to extorting victims and their customers.

Fortify 24×7 provides a robust portfolio of managed cybersecurity solutions to help you identify and prevent attacks.

We Secure Your Computing So You Can Focus On Your Business

The security of your computer systems, corporate and customer data is guarded 24×7 by our US based Security Operations Center.

Take Your Endpoint Security to the Next Level

Fortify XDR

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) gives our customers a cybersecurity operations team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service is delivered by combining endpoint security technologies trusted by organizations and security vendors around the world with the threat-hunting expertise of a SOC fully staffed by security analysts.

Fortify XDR

Project a fully customized OS decoy that will engage your adversaries and record all activity while deceiving them into engaging for far longer than with typical emulated honeypots. This results in the most detailed information and evidence for supporting investigations and developing adversary intelligence. Fortify EDN provides early detection of reconnaissance & lateral movement activity while protecting Active Directory, servers, IoT/ICS/SCADA and other high value targets.

Fortify XDR

The fastest way to gain control of your infrastructure and understand its behaviors. Fortify XDR provides behavioral detection across your entire infrastructure providing notification when prevention fails. To be secure you need to have visibility and prioritize threats across every endpoint, network, cloud and application in real time.

Your Security is Our Top Priority


Identify Technology Vulnerabilities

Not having IT personnel on staff should not hinder businesses from securing and protecting assets. The world of technology is fast-paced and scary. Our goal is to provide an empowering experience that is tailored to your company’s needs. Risk management is an important part of your business portfolio.  No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing an unbiased assessment of cybersecurity products, services & solutions.


Minimize Cybersecurity Threats

Constantly evolving cyber threats are a growing concern for all businesses as cybercriminals do not discriminate between company sizes and industries. Small businesses are vulnerable to a higher cyberattack success rate and are attractive targets due to the lack of resources to safeguard business assets. It is mission-critical to identify existing cyber threats and utilize appropriate products and services to minimize exposure.


Implement Security Best Practices

Mitigate your cyber risks and  maintain proper hygiene whether you are a startup or a thriving business. We are well-versed in the cybersecurity industry and identify just about any technology to fill in the gap and keep your company secure with recommended tools. As you focus on your business growth in your industry, let us be the vendor neutral experts in creating a plan of action and to guide you to the bespoke security practices.

What People are Saying

Cybersecurity Managed is the best investment we have made for our business. The availability and security of our systems is critical to ensuring our clients expectations are met. 

Raymondo Jovan, CEO

Red Carpet Limo

We engaged Fortify’s expert security consulting to design the security and fraud prevention systems for the InvisiPay mobile payments platform. Because of their involvement, InvisiPay is the leader in secure P2P mobile payments. 
Magid Mina, CEO


Fortify 24×7 came to our rescue when we were hit with ransomware and was able to recover all our data Since enrolling in their Cybersecurity Managed program, we have had zero incidents.

Rey Brooks, CEO

Monarch Financial Services

Cybersecurity Managed is the best value in Managed Security across the board.  Fortify did a security audit of our IT systems, showed us our exposure and fixed it all. We are now confident that our intellectual property and client data is secured.

Rochelle Graham

Momemtum Entertainment Group

When my QNAP NAS was victimized by ransomware, the Fortify team stepped in and stopped the progression of the malware, showed me how to close the vulnerability and saved my data. 
Steve Paulson

Paulson Investments

With Cybersecurity Managed, we definitely sleep better at night knowing that Fortify is watching our computers, networks and email systems.  We are impressed with how responsive Fortify is to our every changing business needs.
Tony DeKerf

CRS Roof Consultants