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Identifying Gaps to Improve Your Cyber Defenses

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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is the process of intentionally hacking and attacking your network, web applications and organizational security controls, for the purpose of checking how secure your assets really are.  Attackers have zero regard for your organization’s internal policies, the trustworthiness of your employees, or the expertise of your technical staff.

Only one fact matters to them: are you vulnerable? 

It is in your organization’s best interest, economically, and for the sake of reputation, to answer that question before the attackers do. 

Our Methodology


System, Service, and Vulnerability Identification



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Penetration Testing Services

Attack. Learn. Remediate.

Penetration tests are customized to your environment; no two assessments are ever the same. A wide variety of penetration testing options are available, with each option providing information that can dramatically improve security in your organization.

External Penetration Test

Identify and exploit vulnerabilities on systems, services and applications exposed to the Internet.

Internal Penetration Test

Emulate a malicious insider or an attacker that has gained access to an end user’s system, including escalating system privileges, installing custom malware and/or exfiltrating data.

Web Application Assessments

Comprehensive assessment of web or mobile applications for vulnerabilities that can lead to unauthorized access or data exposure.

Wireless Technology Assessments

Assess the security of your deployed 802.x wireless solution.

What People Are Saying

Fortify helped us identify the vulnerabilities in our systems and identification/response processes. Their expertise and professionalism is second to none.

Karen Thompson

Landmark Beverages

We thought we had things locked down pretty well. After Fortify completed the testing, we realized we had some significant gaps that needed to be addressed.

Colin Raker

3-2-1 Design

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