Email Security

Email Security Gateway

Protect your organization with comprehensive, multi-layered email security and content controls

  • Better security and system performance with the ability to stop known and advanced email threats before they reach your network.
  • A single cloud platform with threat intelligence that updates instantly and extends easily to control sensitive data.
  • Ultimate administrator visibility and control to rapidly and consistently apply policies across the organization.
  • Be protected with 99% anti-spam with 0.0001% false positives, 100% anti-malware including zero-hour protection and 100% availability SLA.
  • Specially handle graymail such as mailing lists and newsletters for easy filing and decluttering inboxes.
  • Minimize spam disruption and protect infrastructure from DDoS.
  • Gain flexibility with two modes of operation.
    • Retention Mode – Enable valuable capabilities and services including Track and Trace, Secure Messaging, Large File Send and Content Control.
    • Zero Retention – Eliminate legal and privacy concerns about your company’s email gateway without being stored beyond delivery.
  • Improve employee productivity and cut help desk calls with end user self-service to manage blocked and permitted senders.
  • Support mail validation such as DKIM.

Central Administrative Control For All Security Policies:

Global and finely-tuned policies are easy to set with the integrated Secure Email Gateway. Our advanced Message Transfer Agent (MTA) tools in the cloud provide a level of control that administrators need.

  • Easily handle challenges such as flexible inbound routing and traffic-splitting, without adding infrastructure.
  • Route email using Active Directory group membership or attributes for ultimate flexibility.
  • Manage email address or domain changes as simple policy settings in a central console so you can change it once and for all.
  • Get the ability to rewrite addresses inbound and outbound for complex, multi domain environments.
  • Apply policies hierarchically at the organization, group or mailbox level for broad and fine-grained control.
Email Security

Targeted Threat Protection

  • Protection from malicious URLs
  • Protection Against Social Engineering & Impersonation Attacks
  • Layered Defense Against Malicious Email Attachments
  • Protection From Internal Email Threats

Secure Messaging Service

  • A secure, private, cloud-based service
  • Easy message and file access via a secure web portal
  • Fully customizable branding
  • Configurable expiration date, read receipt, no print, no reply, forward restriction and revoking access,
  • Tighter protection
Large File Send

Large File Send

  • Email users to send and receive files up to 2GB in size
  • Users to create an email as usual, and attach and send large files
  • Seamless integration into Outlook for Windows, Mac, or delivered via mobile application.
  • Support of audit, e-discovery and compliance requirements
Content Control and DLP

Content Control And DLP

  • Full email body and attachment scanning
  • The detection of customer lists, personally identifiable information, code names, and many other types of sensitive data
  • Converts documents to shareable formats
  • Policy-based signature, legal notice creation, and the application of branding
  • Email encryption

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