Real-Time Situational Awareness & Forensic Analysis

Reduced Dwell Time – Quicker breach awareness
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Security Information Event Management (SIEM) is not simply parsing and storing records, but the the ability to provide answers.

Reduced Dwell Time – Quicker breach awareness

Ground Truth approach – capture all feeds

Real-time situational awareness of users / machines

Log management Audit Compliance & Privacy ready

Enforcement of corporate use policies

Customizable threat level policy objectives

Privileged Access Management / User Tracking (with AD)

Don’t become the next victim

What Makes Fluency the Future

Audit Compliance

Compliance is not just saving everything for at least a year. Fluency handles data in a compliant manner making audit compliance achievable.

High Capacity

The core capability to any SIEM or CLM is its database. Fluency’s LavaDB is the industry’s most powerful database capable of processing millions of events per second while maintaining the fastest search speeds.

Ground Truth

Fluency’s data enhancement, orchestration, scoring and full-record correlation provides ground truth and unsurpassed insight. With the ability to record and store all logs and flows, Fluency is more than about notification, it is about answers.

The Power of Privacy

Pseudonyms are the definitive security control to implement privacy. Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) is a major objective to companies who are serious about meeting compliance. Without pseudonyms, this is impossible. Fluency is the only log management system with pseudonyms built into its database.

Why Pseudonyms?

With laws and regulations like GDPR and the  California Consumer Protection Act, the ability to handle personal data correctly is no longer an option. Fluency has built Pseudonyms into the core of its database, the only log managment system to do so.


Native Capability

Multi-Persona Portability

Field Based Access Control


Technical Controls to Meet Compliance

We Are Compliant Log Management

Fluency Cloud provides a dedicated virtual private cloud. Data and access are kept separated and secured.

  • Data Retention
  • User and Device Association
  • Hot and Cold Searching
  • Full Access Records
  • High Availability
  • Virtual Private Clouds

Immediate Access To Your Data

Fluency provides limitless access to data, even as the volume data scales. Fluency Cloud is a process composed of messaging nodes that parse, index, correlate, enhance, fuse, score and store log messages. For our largest customer, Fluency processes eight to twelve billion messages a day, with spikes of half a million events per second. All done in a three-system cluster.


All messages are parsed into fully indexed JSON documents


Data Enhancement

Patented Correlation

What are the Fluency Advantages

Log Management is not simply parsing and storing records. Fluency is built to provide answers. Fluency provides fast access to data through simple search. The result of deploying Fluency is compliance and clarity.

Data Retention has become the cornerstone for compliance. It has dominated security regulations for the last two years.

  •  Multi-Year Data Retention
  •  User and Device Correlation
  •  Built-in Pseudonym Conversions
  •  Immutable Records with Removable Pseudonyms

Data Retention


Fluency’s patented correlation approach fuses like data into a single record.

  • Correlated logs provide a clear understanding of what each product sees.
  • Unique fields are normalized, indexed and merged with related data to provide new insight.
  • Time-based data, like current user and assigned system are merged at that moment.
  • User and 3rd party tagging allows for custom data enhancement.

Flow Correlation

Our ability to search large data made us a finalist at RSA’s Innovation Sandbox. We never stopped working. Our database continues to outperform the competition.High Performance Search

Spend time understanding your data. Fluency’s ease-of-deployment, ease-of-use approach focuses on data understanding, not interface understanding.

  •  Information is converted to a full indexed searchable JSON documents
  •  No database or system administration
  •  Risk Scoring highlights Events of Interest

Simple Risk Identification