Fortify Phishing Protection

Fortify Phishing Protection - FP2

Phishing Is A Serious Threat To Your Business

Phishing is the most prevalent delivery method for advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks.  Today, cyber criminals launch APT attacks with sophisticated malware and sustained, multi-vector and multi-stage campaigns to achieve a particular objective. In a typical spear-phishing attack, a specially crafted email is sent to specific individuals from a target organization.  APT campaigns frequently make use of phishing tactics because they are essential to get high-ranking targets to open phishing emails.

Spearphishing is defined as targeted phishing aimed at specific individuals or groups within an organization, making use of information about a target to make attacks specific and personal to the target.  Spearphishing is a targeted email scam with the sole purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Fortify Phishing Protection

Stop Common Threats

Spear Phishing

People make mistakes. There will always be someone who clicks on a suspicious URL or email attachments – no matter how much user education you offer.

Spear Phishing

Spearphishing emails are designed to circumvent security technologies and attack users with access to sensitive information, like executives, finance, HR, or administrative assistants.

Clickless Threats

Attacks like malvertising and exploit kits can infect an entire network without a single errant click by taking advantage of unpatched systems.

Protection From Phishing, Malvertising, & Ransomware

By monitoring outbound DNS requests and correlating this against our threat intelligence, FP2 stops your company’s systems from talking to malicious infrastructure.  Since we watch DNS requests and not network traffic, FPcan catch encrypted traffic, peer-to–peer traffic, and other tactics that hackers use to get past firewalls and antivirus. 

FP2 is a streamlined solution which can be deployed in under 10 minutes.

What Makes FP2 Different?

Phishing Education

On Demand Phishing Education

Threat actors are clever and everyone needs education to ensure they don’t become a victim of phishing.  Imagine the opportunity to protect against that click and provide on-the-spot training to reinforce phishing awareness to eliminate damage from the click and provide training at the time when the user is most likely to be receptive to the concepts.

Threat Intelligence

Advanced Threat Intelligence

We leverage real-time threat intelligence to track domains that are connected with malicious activities and prevent them from harming your network.  We focus on threat indicators that are difficult for attackers to change, so we catch threats that firewalls and antivirus miss.  FP2 also provides a mechanism for users to report domains thought to be suspicious or known to be bad.

Content Filtering

Content Filtering

FP2 provides a simple and effective way to block access to certain categories of web content and is included for free.   for every one of your business locations.  Content filtering categories include the ability to prevent access to social media sites or adult content sites

Unprecedented Visibility

Fortify FP2 gives you visibility to the trends in your traffic all in a single pane of glass:

  • DNS Requests over a 24 hour period
  • Top requested domain names
  • Top 5 busiest networks
  • Summary of monthly alerts by threat classification

Spot Anomalies

With FP2 Insights, you gain broad and deep visibility into your network. As small and midsized businesses grow, they often lose visibility into what’s happening on their networks.  Spotting traffic variables caused by malware or ransomware is easy FP2.  Simply review the dashboard and compare the data with previous days.

While we built FPprimarily to protect you from online attacks, our DNS technology also provides increased visibility into website traffic (e.g. visits to Tor sites or social media) and other activity on your network (e.g. overactive IoT devices).

The more you know, the more secure you’ll be.