Fortify Phishing Protection

Fortify Phishing Protection - FP2

FP2 is an agentless inside-out approach to security automatically and immediately detects, stops and remediates malware with all of the sophistication of an enterprise product but without the high cost and complexity.

Fortify Phishing Protection

Simple and Automated Security

You’ll only get alerts when there’s a real threat.


The scalable nature of the cloud means you get enterprise-level security at a fraction of the price.


There are no agents to deal with and zero impact on users.

Seamless Integration

Easy to deploy and integrate with existing systems.  No hardware or software required.

Simplified Malware Protection

FP2 is a streamlined phishing & malware solution for anyone who needs to protect their data while minimizing cost and complexity.  The FP2 solution is the same for individuals & family’s, SMB’s or Enterprise size businesses and governments.

How it Works


FP2 threat intelligence indicators know about the latest malware threats allowing it identify malware when it infiltrates your network.


Once malware is identified, FP2 the infection is sent to the blackhole.  Users can work securely and uninterrupted with your IP and sensitive information remaining safe.


Unlike traditional “block and drop” network security, FP2 attempts to establish a line of communication with the malware to find out what it is, what it wants and where it came from.  The more it talks, the more we know.


After a malware incident, additional clean-up and forensics work may be required to ensure you have found and removed the root cause.  FP2 captures information about the malware, assesses to see if any damage was done and gathers important information to help protect against future attacks.