Fortify 24x7 Backup is now Cove

Cloud-first data protection as a service
Fortify CDP provides a safe haven from backup complexity, labor shortages, and recovery uncertainty in ways other solutions simply can’t.
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Up to 600% more efficient than image backups, so you can back up more often.

Disaster Recovery

Delivers both full image recovery and fast file/folder restore.


Long-term backup retention included at no extra charge.




Businesses protected


Microsoft 365 domains

Data protection has evolved

Backup is essential, but it’s only the start. True data protection requires a cloud-first solution for today’s cloud-first world. With ransomware threats looming, you need more than cloud tacked onto the same-old image backup .

Cove offers a better way to protect servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 data.

Fortify NMS

Time is money. Save both.

Don’t waste valuable time, yours or your technicians’, babysitting backups. Cove customers report up to 10x less administrative time.

Small, but powerful.

Cove’s incremental backups are 60x smaller than image backup, so you can back up more often for better RPOs.

Backup that has your back

Cove offers appliance-free direct-to-cloud backup for servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 data.

Cloud storage included

30 data centers worldwide

Fully-managed, SaaS solution

Relax. Recover. Rejoice.

Recovery time is when things get real. Cove gives you recovery flexibility.

Full image recovery and virtualization
Fast file-level restore
Automated recovery testing
Standby image for fast failover

Extra-long retention, no extra charge.

Archiving in our private cloud is included in your price, and recovery from archives is as fast as from your most recent backup.

Microsoft 365 friendly

Manage Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint backup and recovery from the same multitenant dashboard as servers and workstations, for one low, per-user price.

Fortify CDP
has changed the game




Protects servers
Protects workstations

Separate product

Separate product
Protects Microsoft 365™ data

Separate product

Separate product
Cloud storage included

Extra charge
No proprietary appliance needed
Unified, multitenant dashboard

Extra charge

SaaS is separate in some cases
No local backup storage needed
Automated recovery testing

Requires scripting
Backup archiving at no extra charge

Reliant upon local storage or cloud vendor $

Extra charge
Flexible recovery
All-in cost
SaaS management + cloud storage included
On-prem storage + cloud storage + extra staff time required
Upfront appliance + cloud archiving + hardware maintenance
Information is accurate at time of publishing (April 2022)

Tales from the Cove

“Backups that used to take eight hours are now complete in ten minutes.”


“Backups that used to take eight hours are now complete in ten minutes.”


“Backups that used to take eight hours are now complete in ten minutes.”