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From full system disaster recovery to fast file-level restore, Fortify CDP offers flexibility and reliability to help you save the day.
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One backup,
many recovery options

“We previously used MSP360, but it proved difficult to use, and we had problems restoring from it. We don’t have to worry about Cove. It just works, and it’s saved the day three times recently when customers suffered ransomware attacks.”

David Lloyd
BlueBox Integration

Standby image

Bare-metal recovery

Recover just what you need

Appliance-free local recovery

Automated recovery testing

Better RPOs and RTOs

Disaster recovery that fits your business

Be ready with a standby server

For the most demanding recovery-time objectives, proactively set up a standby image and automatically send every backup to it so you’re ready for fast failover at any time.

Respond with bare-metal or virtual recovery

When disaster strikes, Cove helps you recover a full device to a virtual machine or to new hardware—the choice is yours.

Meet stringent RPOs

Cove can perform automated backups as often as every 15 minutes to support demanding recovery point objectives and minimize data loss.

Appliance-free local recovery

With Cove’s LocalSpeedVault, you can recover files or full systems from a local storage device of your choice or directly from the N‑able cloud.

Save time with automated recovery testing

For one low monthly fee, Cove will automatically test your backups and provide reports that validate recoverability.

Fast file-level restore

With Cove, there’s no need to restore a full image just to restore one folder or a few files, and routine restore tasks are easily delegated to customers or help desk personnel.

Stay out of the reach of ransomware

Backups stored only on your network can be vulnerable to ransomware. Take every backup off-site first and store them in our private cloud to keep your recovery options open.

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Break free from backup chains
Our journal-based architecture means that recovering from last year’s archive is just as fast as from today’s backup, and there are no backup dependency chains to get in the way of your recovery.

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More restore points. Less storage.
TrueDelta efficiency allows you to keep up to five times more restore points on the storage you already have for maximum recovery flexibility.

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Local-first recovery
By using the optional LocalSpeedVault feature, all recoveries are done first from local storage, only going to the cloud for any missing data. It’s the best of both worlds.

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“I’ve been in IT for over 40 years, and I’ve tested and tried about every backup solution out there. If they say it backed it up successfully, I know confidently that the data is safe and will be able to be restored if needed.”


“Backups that used to take eight hours are now complete in ten minutes.”


“Backups that used to take eight hours are now complete in ten minutes.”


“Backups that used to take eight hours are now complete in ten minutes.”


Fortify Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BC) consulting and DRaaS services provide a framework to improve the availability of critical applications and safeguard the interests of your organization.

With more than 25 years of data center experience, Fortify combines deep technical expertise with best practices in business continuity and disaster recovery, virtualization and consolidation, data protection, and advanced network infrastructures to help you mitigate risks.

Our business and IT professionals provide a full suite of services, including IT consulting, analysis, design, implementation, management, and ongoing technical support.

We will help you:

  • Mitigate risk at multiple levels (business, individual, and staff) by ensuring continual access for priority business functions (production, transaction processing, etc.)
  • Minimize downtime and losses
  • Improve your ability to rapidly restore critical IT systems and data in the event of a disaster
  • Minimize associated costs following an incident
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Align business processes and information systems
  • Identify and validate mission-critical, time-sensitive business functions aligned with IT support capabilities
  • Architect and deploy viable IT recovery solutions
  • Take advantage of virtualization and cloud to develop an agile and cost-effective disaster recovery strategy
  • Establish documented, practical “playbooks” to support the response and management of business disruptions
  • Define and roll out a road map to exercise and enhance business continuity capabilities

Fortify takes a holistic approach to improving availability, recoverability, and security throughout the enterprise. Our methodology is founded on industry best practices, internationally accepted standards, and years of practical experience. We ensure your plan provides the capabilities to recover from a global disaster, and we’ll help your business improve availability by significantly decreasing those seemingly minor outages that can have a far-reaching impact.

Our approach to IT DR/BC encompasses:

  • Capability assessment and strategic planning, including qualitative and quantitative information gathering (processes, applications, infrastructure, and resources)
  • Business impact analysis and requirements definition
  • Risk assessment and gap mitigation planning
  • Strategy and solution design, work with your internal experts to perform a cost benefit analysis to determine a solution’s pro’s, con’s and TCO
  • Plan development
  • Periodic capability validation
  • Business-focused data continuity briefing with business and IT stakeholders
  • Governance and program management guidance
  • Disaster recovery that goes beyond IT infrastructure

Until recently, DR/BC plans focused on restoring the entire infrastructure, which is not necessarily a sustainable, long-term approach. Fortify focuses on the three critical elements:


  • Processes – What are the key business processes?
  • Applications – Which applications support these processes?
  • Infrastructure – What infrastructure (networks, data, applications) is needed to ensure continuity?

We work closely with you to identify all linkages and dependencies, and then develop a corresponding recovery sequence plan. This holistic approach ensures continuous operations, competitive advantage, and risk mitigation.

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