Security Robot Services

Self-Driving Technology + Robotics + Artificial Intelligence = Security Force Multiplier
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Autonomous Security

State-of-the-art security robots operate all across the country.  Running fully autonomously 24x7x365 indoors and outdoors

Force Multiplying Physical Deterrence

360 Degree HD Video Streaming

People Detection

Automatic License Plate Detection

Thermal Anomaly Detection

Automatic Signal Detection

Live Audio Broadcast / Two-Way Intercom

Pre-Recorded Broadcast Messages

Crime Statistics in the United States

A Violent Crime Occurs every 24.6 seconds

One murder every 30.5 minutes

One rape every 3.9 minutes

One robbery every 1.7 minutes

One aggravated assault every 39.0 seconds

A Property Crime Occurs Every 4.1 seconds

One burglary every 22.6 seconds

One larceny-theft every 5.7 seconds

One motor vehicle theft every 40.9 seconds

And 2+ million law enforcement and security professionals attempting to secure 327+ million citizens and 28 million businesses across 50 states. The numbers are horrendous and the math doesn’t work. 

Fortify 24×7 provides you the ability to augment these brave women and men in uniform by leveraging new unprecedented capabilities utilizing a unique combination of self-driving technology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Crime Prevention Wins Nationwide

Armed Robbery

Security robot provided the best evidence of armed robbery and theft of vehicle.  Data provided to law enforcement in time to arrest suspect.


Elicited confession to a law enforcement agency for two burglaries and felony property damage using evidence solely collected from a K5 security robot.


Identified heat anomaly in a hair styling kiosk; officers dispatched, removed kiosk covering and found equipment left turned on; thermal camera on security robot helped to avoid a major fire.

Sexual Predator

Helped law enforcement issue an arrest warrant for a sexual predator.

Hit and Run

Helped in identification and verification of car involved in hit and run in parking lot; security robot data was directly responsible for catching the suspect.

Vehicle Break-Ins

Client was experiencing 1 – 2 vehicle break-ins or thefts per week; has gone down to ZERO in the last 10 months.


Assisted a law enforcement agency with an investigation by providing high definition quality video and license plate detections for 30 instances over a period of 4 months of the BOLO (Be On The Lookout).

Feeling of Safety

Improved sense of security voiced to Administration and Security Director by nurses and doctors while walking to their cars after dark.

Perimeter Expansion

Assisted a casino operator with extending their signal detection perimeter capabilities to outside of facility and adding eye level high definition video at critical ingress / egress location.


Assisted a real estate owner in stopping a fraudulent insurance claim.


Client has prevented trespassers and substance abusers from living at one of their locations. As a result of deploying the robot they haven’t had a trespasser in 6 months.


Robot helped a security guard catch a thief in a retail establishment.

Meet Your Security Team

K1 Stationary

K1 is a stationary machine with the same features you’ve come to expect from the K3 and K5, but optimized for use at ingress and egress points – and, of course, runs 24/7. Suitable for outdoor or indoor environments and features our innovative Custom Concierge capabilities allowing for a human-to-machine two-way dialogue tailored exclusively to your environment. It is a simple installation and can be branded with custom graphics. It utilizes a standard 110v power outlet and transfers data through 4G LTE, WiFi, or Ethernet.


  • Parking Lots and Parking Structures

  • Pedestrian Entrances

  • Lobby and Reception Areas

  • High-Risk Areas

  • Remote or Distant Areas

  • Help and Assistance Points

  • Transportation Shuttle Stops

  • Challenging Retrofits

K3 Indoor

K3 is an indoor machine that actually runs 24/7 on its own including autonomously recharging itself without any human intervention. Suitable for indoor environments and features our innovative Custom Concierge capabilities allowing for a human-to-machine two-way dialogue tailored exclusively to your environment. There’s no need to spend hours on those boring and monotonous patrols. Big technology. Small package.


  • Malls

  • Warehouses

  • Lobby and Offices

  • Hospitals

  • Airports

  • Casinos

K5 Outdoor

K5 is primarily an outdoor machine which runs 24/7 on its own including autonomously recharging itself without any human intervention. It is best suited for securing large outdoor spaces. Working together with human eyes, you’ll be better equipped to keep areas such as parking lots, corporate campuses and hospitals safe autonomously.


  • Malls

  • Corporate Campuses

  • Logistics Facilities

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Commercial Property

  • Warehouses

  • Hospitals

  • Airports

  • Casinos

  • Stadiums

  • Gas Stations

  • Data Centers

  • Auto Auctions

  • Parking Structures

Security Robot as a Service

We provide our autonomous security technology via SRaaS subscriptions on annual contracts running 24/7. Our service is all-inclusive providing you, our client, an ability to focus on your operations. Includes:

  • Deployment – needs assessment, virtual demo, site survey, shipping, logistics, setup and configuration

  • Technology – security robot, user interface, charging systems, data storage

  • Service – all maintenance, service, parts, repairs plus 24/7 support

  • Upgrades – unlimited software, firmware and at times hardware upgrades